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Let’s not blame Ottawa. It’s not their fault they’ve been hiding this dance party from the rest of us. But for the past two years, Silkken Laumann has been honing their sound, preparing to let us in on the fun.

It all started with Rolf Klausener and Pat Johnson of folk band The Acorn. The band went on hiatus in the summer of 2011, and the two continued to jam together, working on electronic music—a big departure from The Acorn. Not long after, they were joined by experimental keyboardist Adam Saikaley, and everything started to come together. Their first release, “On The Mend,” came out in February of 2012 as a pay-what-you-can fundraiser for the Royal Ottawa Hospital.

The Silkken Laumann sound is complex, with tight drumming and dreamy vocals taking the lead. This music doesn’t slow down and will get even the most obstinate wallflowers dancing.?Their shows are a fun, sweaty mess, and they’ll bring that magic to a release party set for New Year’s Eve in Ottawa.

Silkken Laumann isn’t releasing the album to anyone before their party—no, really—we haven’t even heard it. Based on the three singles, however, we have very high expectations for their first release. It will be a free download, something we can all get behind during a busy holiday season.

Want the full story of Silkken Laumann? Mixtape was first to get the full story from them.?Check out the story in Mixtape’s current issue, available to read or download here.